strange growth placement

pdshop(5)February 5, 2009

I have a sprout coming out of the bottom of the stem of the dahlia. It is not attached to any tuber. I can't imagine how I would cut it off for something to plant?

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I have something similar happening with one of my MILS tubers. It had a length of stem attached to it. Now, it does have a tuber, but it is not rooting and honestly looks like it is on lifes last legs. However... In a few different places, along this dried out woody stem, there are buds forming! I think these where dorment meristems (you see the ridges where the buds are). Almost impossible to believe the thing is alive, but, it is!!

I am planning on letting them grow a little more, and then cutting them off and planting them like one would a cutting. Probably not sever it from the stem, but plant them with pieces of the stem and all.

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This should take you to my question.

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