Succulent winter care

Horvath2November 14, 2012

I recently relocated from Atlanta, Ga to Seoul, South Korea and am starting from scratch with all plants. I recently purchased these 5 succulents (see photo). I am in a high rise and have no outdoor space. I do not have what you would call a green thumb and have struggled with Jade plants and other succulents at home. So I thought I would get some advice this time around as I start my new collection of indoor plants.

I keep reading that succulents should be watered minimally in the winter months. What is minimal, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? What kind of pots should they be in? Right now they are just in the plastic containers I bought them in. Clay, ceramic, plastic?

I also have verandas. Places that are completely enclosed but are not temperature controlled. Some are in direct sun all day while others only get sun in the afternoon. They get quite warm during the day and cool at night but never freezing, just cold. Should I put the succulents on the verandas during the day and bring them in at night or is it ok to leave them there all the time? I read it is not good to put them in direct sunlight. Is the afternoon indirect sun ok for 4-6 hours a day?

These seem like silly easy questions but I want to start small and work my way up to all kinds of indoor plants.

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Your photo did not come through. :-( It will be hard to help with their care without knowing what you have. Can you try the photo again, or list what you have.

Some succulents are winter growers, so it would help to know what plants you have.

your questions are not sill. :-) Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is a good place to get the help you need. Starting small is a good thing too. :-)


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