Soil for Aloe Vera

val1(z4 UT)November 15, 2012

I have an aloe vera that I purchased this summer in a tiny pot. Well, needless to say it has grown fast and needs to be transplanted. What type of soil should I use? Is the commercial cactus soil okay to use? For my Christmas Cactus, I mixed my own using potting soil, pumice and perlite. I am anxious to get this one in a bigger pot since it keeps tipping over. Thanks.

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Use the mix you used on your CC, Val, but cut the soil amount with 50% pumice (preferred) or perlite (OK, but not as good as pumice). Don't water for a few days after you repot (when you've taken steps to removed old, dead roots from your plant, and also taking care not to J-root it when you put it in the soil). In just a few years (about 8 up here) you'll have this. This is this year's first flowering (spike began in June).

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val1(z4 UT)

Thanks cactusmcharris. Your aloe is beautiful. I had never even thought about aloe plants blooming. I am going to try to get mine potted up tonight. I will have to bring the pumice in and let it warm up a little first. I also need to repot an Easter Cactus which should have been done last spring. Thanks again.

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