Rogue Branches on Orange trees

woodlands73September 6, 2012

Hope I'm not repeating myself, but I don't see the post I put on here 3 days ago.

On two of my orange trees, there is a rogue branch that extends way out of the young tree. It's healthy, bright green, has damaged leaves from the leafminers (just learned how to fix the miner issue, but the damage is done) and I've verified that its not a sucker branch. Should I keep these odd-ball branches at their length, or trim them back?

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They are known as water sprouts; usually with larger than normal leaves and maybe larger thorns; they are often a sign that you are being overly kind with food. As you can see from the photo, the CLM has attacked this branch most because it is the sweetest, tenderest growth. Just prune it back to the level of the general canopy and it will revert to normal growth.
BTW, I think this was answered on the CLM thread.

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Thanks Johnmerr, I couldn't find the thread anywhere, even tried the search function on this site. I'll go look there,just incase. I'm feeding about a cup(ish) of fertilizer 3 times between spring and winter, no food during winter. These trees have been planted for two years, not sure total age of the trees.

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