Should I Been Concerned....

CraziiiCarl(5b)September 28, 2012

Its been getting colder where I live so I brought my Meyer Lemon indoors last week a little earlier then I expect. Unfortunately I didn't have as much time as I wanted to to transition the tree but it had 2 weeks in a spot that got less sun and then a couple days in full shade (I would have left it there for at least 2 weeks before bring it inside but I had no choice). Anyways about a week after being inside some of the leaves turned yellow (starting with the veins) and a lot of them dropped. I haven't been that concerned since a.) I had just brought it in and b.) it had been a while since I've given it iron. So next time I watered I gave the tree iron. Right now its sitting in an east facing window with my kumquat tree that is supplemented with 3 26w CFLs. Should I be worried about the leaves or was this to be expected?

(Photo 2: Meyer Lemon to the left and kumquat to the right and its just the camera acting up its not that dark in my room)

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Too late to be concerned; your Meyer will probably drop a lot, if not all its leaves; but they will be replaced by new leaves.
Be careful you don't put too much iron; it CAN be toxic.
Anyway, the light, and not iron is probably the reason for the yellowing. Meyers are quite sensitive to light changes. FYI, Meyers can withstand temps to 28F; so you may have over-reacted in bringing them in so soon.
It's all a learning experience; I have been growing Meyers for a LONG time and I now have 15,000 and I learn something new every day.

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Thanks what I though. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Ill make sure that I don't over iron it.

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if you could, put the trees closer to the window, and move the CFL's on this side of the trees, facing the window. that way your trees can get as much sunlight they can from the window, and also light on this side from the CFL's.

a little diagram

tree tree

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