parupudiJune 3, 2008


I have planted around 50 Gladiolus bulbs in a single row of 25 on each side of my flower bed edge in front of my entrance.

They are all nice and long now. Couple of them have started the stalks where i can see the buds coming out with flowers.

My biggest dilemma(i searched through the internet and didn't find anything clear) is once the whole stalk is open with flowers, can i cut the stalk? Will a new stalk start coming from there for more flowers to come? Or is it that the gladiolus gives only one stalk of flowers one time and is it done for the season?

all the websites say 'if you need continuous cut flowers, plant more corms subsequently and that way they will keep coming till frost'.

I am all confused whether these bulbs will bloom only once for the season or will bloom continously.



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Pavani, you will not get continuous bloom from your gladiolus corms, in some cases you will get two or more stems but dont count on it. Succession planting is the best method for making sure that you get a good season of flowers. I read about an interesting trick with these, if you pinch off the top two flower buds after cutting the stem, all the buds will bloom (assuming that the stems are properly conditioned) usually they quit as they open closer to the top of the stem. Good luck with them, they are lovely flowers. Kat

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my friends said they plant them in two week intervals, so, if ya want them to bloom continously, plant so many, then 2 weeks later so many more, then 2 weeks more so many, and so on. ok i know you probably know that, but i'm a mommy of little one's so it makes me feel better to say that!! LOL *** just laugh please :')) and grinn*** ahh the weather is crazy!! ya know i never did do the every two weeks thing, cuz i'm a crazy gardener and things just bloom for me when they want to. so talla, my almost 6 yr old sings to my plants when she helps me plant, and they just do their thing. i don't know if its dumb luck or what, but they will bloom for a whole month throughout!! i'd like more, but i'm happy with that. now my goal for next year is to get her to do more than a month!! maybe she can sweet sing them!! LOL !Medo :'))

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