Golden Alexanders

RobRoyOH5(z5 OH)June 30, 2006

Steve - At the start of the month you were cutting Golden Alexanders. Is this Zizia aurea? I tried to start some this year - got only 5 plants. It's a flower I've never seen, so am eager for next year's bloom. Does anyone know if it holds well - if it refrigerates? And has anyone eaten the flowers?

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That's correct, it's Zizia aurea. It lasts a good ten days if you cut it as it's just opening up. The longest I've kept it in the cooler was 5 days and it did fine. The florists call it yellow Queen Ann's lace. Depending on the size of your plants it might take a year or two to flower. From seed it takes 2-4 years to bloom. I wasn't aware the flowers were edible, I'll stick to just cutting them and harvesting the seed.


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RobRoyOH5(z5 OH)

Steve, Thanks for the info! I'm going to try to get some more seeds going this year. The ability to take refrigerqation is a real plus.

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