Glads for market

backyardgrown(7b-8 NW MS)June 23, 2009

I thought I posted this yesterday, but apparently I did not.

I'm not even going to try to recreate the previous post, because I can't remember it.

Has anyone here grown glads for market, and if so, what is your experience?



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backyardgrown(7b-8 NW MS)

And while I'm on the subject...who else lives in an area where the glads come back every year and get bigger? I never lift mine and they come back reliably every year, and get bigger each time. My corms have been in the same spot for several years.

I'm right on the edge of Zone 8, so maybe that has something to do with it. Whatever the reason, it makes me happy not to have to lift and store them!


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This is the 3rd year we have grown glads for market. Lots of vendors at our market seem to sell them all at the same time - which makes for a lot that don't sell. Last year I planted them late - we were the only ones to have glads in September, and they all sold. I planted them late again this year, and still have a few corms to plant when some room opens up in the garden.

Glads are not supposed to be hardy by us, (in IL near the WI border) so we dig them up in the fall. Every year the corms multiply and get bigger. However, some of the baby corms that we miss when digging them up survive the winter, and send up shoots! We rotate crops every year, so now I have some glads coming up by my cucumbers, last year they grew amongst my basil. I just can't pull them out!

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backyardgrown(7b-8 NW MS)

I may lift some that I want to plant late next year just for the sake of knowing what color they are and approximate bloom date. I just ordered several hundred that I'm getting ready to plant for a late crop. My water bill is about to go up a little, I believe.

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I have left mine in the same place for the last 3 years. We mulch heavily for overwintering, and by March, pull the mulch back away from the rows of glads, lilies and peonies. They come back in full force, and each clump grows bigger with HUGE flowers.
One thing I HAVE started doing, is when bloom is completely done with, cut ALL flowering stems back, fertilize once more, and allow the vegetation to ripen. When it withers away, I pull it away and burn it, just in case it harbors fungus or pests. It seems to be working well for me. And as for marketing, we are in our infancy with that aspect, but I am sure enjoying some TREMENDOUSLY beautiful bouquets!

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