KyongSeptember 22, 2011

I am in the final stage of designing my back yard and I desparately want a orange tree BUT I am very limited in space since I alread have a persimmoon, lemoon tree, pomigranite, tangerine.

How much space do I need for and orange tree and can an orange tree used as a shade tree?


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a regular orange tree can be around 12-15' tall and almost as wide.

you can look for dwarf varieties, keep them around 8' tall 6' wide.

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silica sell true dwarf citrus trees in just about every variety. They product excellent trees.

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Four Winds has only been awesome in customer service and in product!


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Four winds is out of control expensive , especially on there shipping. Cannot say anything about the quality of their trees-- every thing I have heard has been good though. Us working class folks cant afford them.

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Kyong don't know where you are but 4 Winds is sold locally all over California. No shipping costs and CA does not tax plants sold as edibles. Citrus are evergreen and could give you shade.

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Note of interest for Meyer lemon fans; it was Four Winds, together with the University of California that created the Improved Meyer Lemon; and for that alone I am a big fan. Four Winds trees are a little pricey; but the quality is excellent. My philosophy of trees is that planting a tree is a lifetime commitment; and you should always start with the best quality tree. If you start with a poor quality tree, it is kinda like buttoning your shirt; i.e., if you get the first button wrong, it doesn't matter how careful you are after that.

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