Western Flower Thrip

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)June 20, 2006

I am wondering what people do regarding Western Flower Thrip in your cut flowers? I get them horribly every year.

Just a few minutes ago I was out cutting Sweet William, de-leafing them, etc. pretty soon my counter was crawling with a gazillion thrip! How do you handle this bringing fresh cut flowers into the home? I am afraid of spreading these virus vectoring pests to my houseplants, especially the African Violets.

Please share your thoughts,



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bfff_tx(z8b TX)

Had that problem earlier this year in some of my crops, worse in my Snaps, pretty much lost that crop but I found out about 'Conserve SC' from the ASCFG bulletin board.

I sprayed as per instructions and the stuff is wonderful. Knocked out the little buggers big time. Unfortunately it's terribly expensive, wholesale cost of 1 Qt approx $125 so hate to think what the stuff costs retail.

Hope that info helps.
Cheers - Kim
Billabong Fresh Flower Farm

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Okay, I have an idea, but this only works if you're wanting to take cut flowers into the house.

I have some peonies with the Western Flower Thrips on them, and I soaked them upside down with dish soap and some white vinegar. This seemed to remove most of the thrips almost immediately. Since my peonies have so many petals, I had to soak it twice, but this really helped to remove them before they became a huge problem inside.

I'm pretty sure that it was the dish soap that broke the surface tension between their legs and the petals. I'm hoping the white vinegar killed them.

Good luck! Obviously, this doesn't solve the problem in the garden, but it's helped me to enjoy my peonies indoors, as well.

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Thrips can be controlled with Spinosad, which should be available at most lawn and garden centers, farmers co-ops or feed stores. It is cheap at about $10 for 16 ounces.

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