Lemon Balm foliage

goodscents(z5 MI)June 29, 2006

I think I read about using lemon balm foliage as a filler on this forum. I tried using it and had some problems with wilting. I first tried early in the season and it wilted quickly and badly. Then I tried again last week thinking maybe the more mature leaves would hold up better. This second try did fare somewhat better but still not as good as I would like.

I have tried using commercial hydrating solutions and they seem to make no difference.

Anyone have anthing to relate about using lemon balm?



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flowers4u(z6 OR)

Kirk - I love the foliage. I think (not an expert here), that it needs to get in a bucket at least half filled with water - I do use preservative and attempt (don't always make it) to strip the bottom third of leaves. It stays in the cooler very well! When it wilts, its usually because I didn't get it in the water right away. It usually lasts quite well. I pick it when its mature, even when its formed the seed heads! Keep trying!


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I never could get it to last either. But oregano and spearmint hold up very nicely. I'll have to give lemon balm another shot.

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