citrus to create privacy?

DocHollywood 9b Central Tucson(USDA 9b)September 11, 2012

We have a 7 foot stucco wall on the east side of our backyard that I would like to plant a couple of citrus next to that would create some privacy from a two story home next to us. Rapid growth would be good and being able to maintain at about 20 feet. Type of fruit is not that important. Fullness and visual appeal is of most importance, but thought something edible would be a plus. Or, if anyone has ideas for some other kind of tree, I would appreciate that advice also. Vertical height more than spread is better. Horizontal planting area about 20 feet. The backyard is fairly small and I already have a mesquite tree at the west wall.

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it would take a couple years or more for most citrus to get that tall. tallest i've seen a grapefruit tree close to my home that is around 25-30' tall, the trunk is pretty thick, so i would guess its atleast 20 years old. it has a lot of big yellow grapefruits every year.

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I believe lemons are among the fastest growing. Look for a Lisbon lemon on macrophylla rootstock for your purpose. As for taller versus wider, that is a matter of pruning; they can be pruned to be a hedge if you like, or to any other shape you desire. Just be careful not to prune up the limbs to expose the trunk; it can sunburn the trunk and kill the tree.

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