Amazon Neon: too late to sow?

arjenJune 6, 2008

One can't get these here in the UK so I have ordered 500 seeds of Amazon Neon Rose Magic from Swallowtail Seeds - before they'll arrive here in the UK it will be mid-June and I am wondering if I should wait until next March to sow or if I can expect some flowers this year still if I sow them straight away... Has anybody got any experience with Summer sown Amazon Neon's? And in our climate here (max frost is -3ºC) they should survive the Winter I suppose? Any UK Amazon Neon growers here on the list?

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Arjen, I'm not sure that you will get flowers this year but even if you dont, next spring these guys will come on strong, really strong, from plants set out this year. You might want to try some of the other neon varieties too and I found that the Electron dianthus was great. I am very happy that your business is so good. Best of luck to you, I expect we will be seeing you listed in some publication some where as a great supplier. Kat

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