how long for lilies to open

rasslinmama(4)June 12, 2006

I'll be picking up asiatic hybrid lily stems for my daughter's wedding and am wondering how many days it will take for the flowers to open. I've heard so many different stories about having to use hair dryers, ovens, etc. and now I'm very confused. I figured you folks are the experts so I'd aks here. The stems are suppose to have 1 fully opened bloom, one partial and one bud. I need some stems for tower vases on the wedding day and some blooms for making bouquets a day or 2 ahead of the wedding. Even the person I've ordered them from has little information for me. Please Help!!!

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I had a big party that I was doing back in the spring and they wanted wine colored lilies and I didn't have any so I went to the wholesaler on tuesday and picked up a bunch and came home and put them in the fridge. On Friday morning I took them out and put them in warm water on my dining table under a light that hangs down just above the table and by friday eveving they were opening good and by saturday evening they were just right. I also bought some more on that same friday and put those in warm water when I got home and they too opened just great for saturday evening. I think the warm almost hot water and the heat from the light did it. A florist friend told me really warm water and that light and it worked for me. I keep it about 78 in my house. I believe temps have alot to do with it. I had another huge party that I needed white lilies for, so I kept picking them and putting them in the fridge and took them out on Friday and by Saturday they were perfect. Here in Texas it is so hot, so it takes no time. You have to keep that in mind. I wish I had a cooler but all I have is a fridge. It works but not nearly big enough when you have alot blooming. I am certainly no expert but it worked for me.

Hope this helps,


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It sure does help. With this info, I'm going to quit stressing about these lilies opening and enjoy getting ready for my daughter's wedding.
Thank so much!!!

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