Conifers turning Brown

fireyApril 4, 2007


I have three conifers planted at the edge of my front lawn, however one of them seems to be turning brown and now has very little green left.

I am not sure what kind of conifers they are as they were already established when we moved in to our house, in July last year.

We have noticed very recently that the tree nearest our front door started to turn brown at the base, it is now almost entirely brown with the exception of a few remaining green patches, where this browning appears to have spread up the entire tree. Is there anything we can do to save it or is it dead?

As I mentioned before I have three conifers in total and the other two appear to only have a small area at the base which is brown. I would really like to save these trees if possible and would really appreciate any help you could offer.

I read somewhere that the browning problem could be caused by weather conditions throughout the Summer or Winter, when the tree may have run out of water or may have been damaged by the cold. It suggested thoroughly wetting the conifer which would hopefully assist in rehydrating it, or if by any chance an infestation was attacking it then this may also help? I know we have tried to hose the worst effected down, unfortunately this doesn't seem to have helped. Should I perhaps buy a pesticide in case it is under attack?

Is there anything else I could try?


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Can you post some photos? Close-ups of the foliage (and cones, if present) are best for identification.


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