Drip irrigation automated watering for potted lemon/lime/avocado

rblytheSeptember 16, 2013

I have heard that drip irrigation can work well, has anyone had success with these drip irrigation systems for potted citrus (lemon/lime/avocado)? Any suggestions on brands or systems, etc? Thanks.

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I grow my potted citrus (19 varieties) with open hydroponics and yes, drip or micro-emitter irrigation can be very effective. That said, you've got to be laser focused on your trees because automated irrigation is also a very good method to kill your citrus deader than a hammer.

You've got to re-evaluate everything...container, potting media, root-stock, nutrition...

I'll be more than happy to share my experiences (successes and failures) with you if you're serious about the exercise...



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We're going on vacation for a month this summer, and have a lime tree in a large pot. I'd like to set it up on drip for this, and was wondering if you're still around and could share your experiences...I would assume that once a week would be appropriate, since it is established, wondering how much water, how many emitters, what kind of emitters, etc.?

So, yes please, I'm serious and would like to hear it from someone who's actually done it and made it work *smile*.


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