question regarding ranunculus

kitkat_oregon(7)June 1, 2012

Last fall I planted ranunculus and have harvested most of the flowers with pretty good success. The whites have been the best and most productive. They came in a mix from Easy to Grow bulbs, and the colors were not as productive and honestly a little washed out. What are the best groups for cuts with really vibrant colors that you use? Even though technically I am a zone 7 / 7b, these overwinter as evergreen in my garden and then come on relatively early in the spring here. I would like to plant lots more so any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Kat

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magz88(5a - Central Ontario)

I don't know but I am honestly jealous that you are in a zone that you can grow these. I started some indoors this year hoping some would make it and although they grew I didn't get any flowers.

I think the seller is called Carlsbad or something but they have an amazing array of options for ranunculus and I believe a lot of them are bred for the cut-flower trade.

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Hi magz88, thanks for the response. It is actually something of an anomaly in my garden because these flowers are rated as a zone 8/9 and I happen to have one section in my garden that obliges them. Weird. They are indeed a fabulous cut and last for about 7 days under the right care. I looked at the Carlsbad site but it appears to be only for visitors to their flower fields not for online ordering as far as I could tell. I hope you are having a great cutting season. Kat

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bfff_tx(z8b TX)

Hi Kat
The 'LaBelle' series is what most of the ASCFG cut flower growers use. They are available from Fred C. Gloeckner and Co. whose bulb facility is in Clackamas, Oregon. There maybe another supplier but that's where I get them from. Peak ordering time is now.
Kim - BFFF

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Thanks Kim, I'll give them a call. They are just a few hours from me. Kat

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