dwarf citrus care

surewhynot85September 22, 2010

i have a relatively young tree that i have a few questions about. The tree of subject is a dwarf grafted Valencia orange tree. I ordered it off line in February from larry's orchid. It looks fairly healthy dark shiny green leaves. i have it in a 32qt. pot i think, and i displaced some soil with water bottles on the bottom i was advise to not put it in too large a pot. I feed the tree with holly tone fertilizer for acid loving pllants. It has stopped making new branches, but is grow out the old ones very slowly, i was wondering if i should be doing anything to it, pincing, or anything like that, or just leave it alone. also is that pot the right size, or should i go larger or smaller any suggestions would be nice. dimensions mainly. and hello by the way, i am a new user

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I can't say anything about the size of the pot without knowing how big the tree is. I don't think that filling the bottom with water bottles is a very good idea, though. It's bad for drainage. If you need it in a smaller container, you should really use a smaller container and not try to modify a big one.

Citrus love nitrogen, and Holly Tone (actually all those "tones") doesn't have enough. I wouldn't modify anything now, though. It's pretty late in the year and getting to be time to give our plants a last dose of fertilizer before winter. If your tree looks healthy, I wouldn't fiddle with fertilizer changes until spring.

Even a dwarfed citrus tree can get to be 20 feet tall if you don't prune it, so you should definitely prune it sooner or later. The easiest way to prune is just pinch off the green sprouts as they come out, but there's nothing wrong with using clippers. The best time to prune (if you need to use clippers) is also the spring. You should definitely plan to clear out any in-growing branches and any branches that cross each other, and if you have more than 2 branches growing from any one spot you should trim them down until there is only 1 or 2. You can prune for height at the same time, to keep the tree a manageable size.

If I may ask, what zone are you in? And what kind of potting mix are you using?

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its almost 2ft tall and very bush andthick

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