Bought tubers on internet and trying to find info as to color

lsst(7b)March 18, 2013

I purchased Dahlia tubers off the internet from a grower located a little over an hours drive from me.

It was a dinner plate size group of tubers. The photos did not have names.

Can anyone tell me about Sadie Dahlia or Emma Elizabeth?

I am disappointed in the tubers as quite a few are shriveled and I can not locate any healthy eyes.

Also, I have been able to ID all but two.

According to the photos, I was supposed to receive a yellow one and a gorgeous red and white peppermint looking one.

I am hoping Sadie or Emma Elizabeth will be them.

So far, I have been able to ID:

Emory Paul-Shriveled
Holly Quintessence-Shriveled
Jackie Evangelista- soft
Drummer Boy-decent tuber
Spike- very shriveled-probably will not make it
Vassios Meggios -O.K.
Belle of Bamera-slightly shriveled
Show n Tell- Can see an eye
Hilltop Lost Treasure -Can see an eye
Creekside Doc-can see an eye
Bella- Can see an eye
Wyns Cinnabar-shriveled
The seller did include a bonus Pooh Dahlia that looks the best

Thank you

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steve22802(7a VA)

I would suggest that you place the tubers in slightly moist soilless potting mix in a warm location and then give them a few weeks to break dormancy. If several of them still show no signs of life then you could request replacements. If you care about having named cultivars then you should never buy dahlias that have only pictures without names. There are so many thousands of dahlia cultivars that there are now many that look very similar in pictures but do not have the same genes and may have quite different plant growth characteristics.

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I have potted them up to see if they break dormancy.
I contacted the seller and she said Sadie is a dark purple and is sending me the peppermint colored one.
I do not care about named cultivars. I like Dinner Plate dahlias in unusual colors and shapes.

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steve22802(7a VA)

>> I like Dinner Plate dahlias in unusual colors and shapes.

Then you would probably like Sarah Mae.

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