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glenntnJune 15, 2006

Hi everyone. I'm enjoying this forum so much but am unable to see most of the photos posted. I get a red "x" in a box for probably 90% of the photos. Every once in a while I can see a photo. Anyone know a solution to this problem? I want to see the photos so badly.

Thanks in advance,


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Glenn, You'll have to let us know what photos you would like to see. We don't leave ours up very long because most of the time we forget to put the watermark on them or tag them as our property.

Anyway, here are some recent photos taken by one of the grandchildren who works on our farm during the summer:

Campanula After the Rain

Snapdragons in High Tunnel


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Thanks, Flowerfarmer. That may explain why I see some photos but not others. Love your grandchildren's photos!Too hard to choose a favorite.

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