Suggetions for tall things that won't flop after heavy rain?

bud_wiJune 9, 2005

Maybe this has been asked before but I couldn't find the answer doing a search.

Right now, after some heavy rain, my bloooming peonies are laying on the ground with the whole bush looking like a giant foot squashed them. Ditto for my poppies. My blooming irises are laying flat but the leaves are still upright. Bachelor buttons are sprawling. Even my columbine flopped. You get the picture.

What are some TALL things, with nice flowers, that are sturdy enough to not flop over when it rains?

I already have some flowering bushes and shrubs like rhodendums and lilacs, but I also want some tall cutting flowers in the garden. I have some "bushy" things that do stay standing after rain like Joe Pye Weed but they just don't have the nice flowers for cutting.

I don't want any more roses and I have plenty of varieties of lilies that do perform well in heavy rain, but if there anything else I can plant besides lilies that will hold up.

I want a perky flowering garden that doesn't always look like everybody is taking a nap.

Z5/WI/4mi from lake

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Noni Morrison

So far my perkiest standees are agastache honeybee white and its sibling that is blue, yarrow, cutting gold coreopsis, rudbeckias, thalictrum (if it gets enough water)...

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Poochella(7 WA)

Some phlox are pretty sturdy in the stalk, but the flowers would probably take a beating in a pelting rain.
Crocosmia is about 3+ feet and slender leafed, light weight flower: that might stand up to a heavy rain. But you are right in weather disaster area and having relatives in the Midwest I know you've had your share of bad storms lately.

I can't think of any miracle plant that would thumb it's nose at 4 inches of rain in an hour and 80 mph winds. Sorry!

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