Aloe Arborescens offshooots

thinwhitedukeNovember 30, 2013


I have an Aloe plant that I was told is an arborescens, or Krantz Aloe. I've learned there are several varieties of arborescens and I am not sure which mine is. It has a large central trunk from which very long leaves drape down. I got it as a seedling 2 years ago and since then it has grown to be over 5 feet talll (though sadly never flowered). I have recently repotted it as it was getting root bound and I think it's generally in good health. Trouble is, there's very little info on this type of aloe available online.

It currently has a few offshoot plants growing off of the main trunk. I dont necessarily have space for additional plants (they can grow several metres tall apparently!) so I wasnt planning on propagating it. My question is, should I remove the offshoots anyway - are they harming the main plant or is it OK to leave it as is? see photos

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I think part of your problem is that your plant is very etiolated .These plants really do need to be outdoors and don't take to a whole bunch of shade. BUT I do understand that we do what we have to do. It is kind of nice all stretched out. I still recognize the character of the curl and the marginal teeth.

I got mine in a trade years ago as a very tiny rootless pup. It does not get as large as many of its relatives do. Probably because I grow it fairly hard and it is in a smallish pot and would like a large root run to get large.. It is different from many of the A. arborescens out there. I do not know the different names for different varieties., so I am no help there.

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Thanks for the message, wantonamara

I agree my poor aloe would like more direct sun, and ideally, I'd like to plant her in the garden - but I live in France and the winters here get too cold for her so she has to stay as a houseplant. I do take her outside in the warmer seasons, and in the winter she still gets around 4-5 hrs of sunlight through the window. Not the same, I know.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

The off shoots will not harm the plant. It is all part of the form of the plant. here , mine takes temps down to about 25. It is in the winter spot by the cement pillar . It has all day low southern sun and the pillar acts like thermal mass. It looks like this weekend we will get an Arctic blast all throughout the western US. They are threatening us with a 23F (-5). I will probably move it in for that one, but then it goes back out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brian Kemble's Cold Hardy Aloe list

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Thats really interesting - thanks for the link. I'd assumed it would have a hard time dealing with anything less than 0 centigrade. Guess I can leave it outside for longer than I tend to!

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