Please look at my babies

ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)April 21, 2012

I'm so excited. I did not know how easy it would be to grow on seeds of conifers. I collected Pinus mugo and Pinus ponderosa cones in late fall. Placed them in paper bags and put them in a warm place. The cones opened and dispersed the seeds in the bag. I then collected them and planted them all up in a flat. It looks like I will eventually have thousands of seedlings. My intent will be to grow these on as understock and eventually graft some exciting cultivars on to them.

Here are some photos of these ADORABLE little seedlings:

Are they not adorable. I need to determine when I'm going to transplant them. Any suggestions?

Dax...this is for you. Check it out! This flicker woodpecker has been working so hard making a nest in a huge swing I constructed. I was torn between seeing her/him raise young and chasing them off so that they do not ruin my 22' tall swing. I opted to watch them raise their young. Here are a couple photos for you:

AND...the terror of my gardens:

I took these photographs this morning while I was planting some adenium seeds in my greenhouse. These birds were outside on my swing.

How long do you guys think it will take for my ponderosa seedlings to be grown up enough to use as grafting material?

I will collect some abies and colorado spruce cones this next fall. I love this. I may have my entire 20 acres in conifers soon if this excitement continues. LOL

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Cher(6 SW OH)

That's great with the seedlings. What a money saver growing your own. Way to go. Now as to that pesky woodpecker. I would have definitely chased him off. :)

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Lady, it look s you'll have a nice amound of understock in a couple of years.

I see a special one now allready:
At the second pic, the first one on the left>> it looks like a true weeping form at birth.
A creeping form is also possible...

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Nice work on the seedlings. Just a few tips to help you in the next couple of weeks. Becareful not to over water. You want the soil moist, but not soggy. But dont allow them to dry out either. Also, no fertilizer for at least another month. Then just light rates. More often and weak works well. Miracle Grow should work just fine. Just use a VERY weak solution. And finally watch for dampening off or any other fungus and treat it when you first notice it. That should get you to the fall with some good results.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


future understock????


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

He's a handsome devil! You're a true woman of nature...I'd of done the same.

For your seedlings to keep them from dampening off (dying) place a fan on low at a comfortable distance so as not to dry the media to quickly. If it were me, I'd already be potting them on. Your best bet will be to purchase some 30 cell Rootmaker propagation flats and pot them into those and then move them into grafting band pots or similar and in two years, you'll have seedlings to graft onto. The secret is all in the Rootmaker. Otherwise, you'll be waiting 4-5 years.

Allow the seedlings to stay outdoors until such a time they've gone dormant for a minimum of three weeks and then bring them into your greenhouse. Furthermore, if you want to get a few extra growth spurts, place them under fluorescent lighting running 24 hours a day.

Next spring, hit them with granular fertilizer and then again the following spring. A three month time released fertilizer is the way to go.

See ya's,


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Hey everyone thank you so much for the nice comments. Also, I really appreciate all the advice in regards to the seedlings. I will begin repotting them within the next couple weeks. I may not have enough pots. LOL. I have 1,000's of seedlings. I had NOOO idea every single seed I planted would grow for crying out loud. Thank goodness I did not plant all the seeds yet.

Cher, yes indeedy it is going to save money if I can get Picea and Abies cones as well next winter it will be a much bigger savings. It is worth growing them on like this and they are so adorable.

Edwin, I'm not so sure I see the one you are referring to that looks unique. I will go out and look at them tomorrow morning. If you are referring to the one almost on the soil...I'm thinking perhaps the seed coat is still attached and weighting it down...not to mention I just watered them which might have pushed it to the soil level also. But I appreciate your keen eye and will watch my seedlings closely.

JTH, thank you for the tip on not fertilizing them yet. I was thinking about starting the fert to begin pushing growth in hopes of getting them to grafting size sooner. I will be careful of when and how much I will fertilize them.

Ken, yes sir...understock. I sure hope I obtain enough scion wood to make it worth it eh? ha ha. Worst case scenario, I grow them on and sell them at my aunts rummage sale cheap or give them away to friends. LOL

Here is a photo of the entire swing the woodpecker is destroying. I can not wait to see the young and photograph them.

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