Harvesting Purple Majesty Millet

flowerchild08June 19, 2008

For you experienced growers, I am trying my hand with Purple Majesty Millet this year and have several plants now with seed heads. My question is, if I harvest the seed heads soon, will additional seed heads come again or is that it for the plant? These plants are no more than 24" tall and have relatively little in the way of blades/leaves. I feel as though I ought to wait awhile since these plants are supposed to get to 5' but I don't want to miss the window and end up being able to harvest nothing.

Would appreciate your experiences.

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Pudge 2b

If you wait to cut them, the spikes will form seeds (little balls). If you're cutting for drying, I've found the best time to cut is immediately after the pollen sheds and before the seeds form.

This seems early for spikes to have already formed. If, by chance, your plants were at all rootbound at any time prior to planting out, this could have something to do with the height of the plant and that they area already blooming.

The plant bulks up by growing more blades/stems at the base of the plant (stooling), which results in more spikes. Stooling usually results early on in the growth of the plant and not after spikes form.

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Thanks Pudge - that was really helpful. I will cut them soon then, leaving one or two to salvage for seeds for next year's efforts.

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