Need advice. 1st time dahlia grower

oldpeony(5)March 19, 2007

Could someone give me some advice. I purchased several unnamed mixed dahlias (also dutch iris & yellow tiger lily) on e-bay and would like to start them in pots...maybe never planting them in the ground but just moving them around in my flower beds. Is this possible? And should I pot them now? Any added nutrients, etc.? I live in southeast Iowa. Thanks for any help. Have a great day dreaming about all those beautiful spring and summer flowers! My fern-leaf peonies are sticking their noses through the ground already!

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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)

If I were going to try what you envision, I definitely would plant only one tuber, not a clump, in a pot. Further, You are going to need to put the tuber in a rather large (12") CLAY pot. (If you put the tuber in a plastic pot you will need to water daily, for they need lots of water, and fertilizer.) Unless they are minatures they will have to be staked, another problem if you are going to move them about. Upon reflection , I guess it isn't such a great idea, but don't let me stop you. It might work out better than I project. (I have grown dahlias for years, and up to 200 a year.) Good luck--let me know how you make out.

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