Welcome To Succulents Anonymous!

CorpsmanCooper(FL8b)November 24, 2011

Hello and welcome to Succulents Anonymous! My name is Erin . . . and I have a succulent addiction! It all started with some sempervivum tectorum that my mother gave to me and the addiction has just grown from there! Every time I go to a store I check out the garden section to see if they have any succulents. I'm non discriminatory. I love them all! When I go to a store that carries them it's like I'm at an animal shelter! They all call to me! Crying! Begging me to take them home! I bring them home and I unsuccessfully try to hide them from my loved ones for fear they will find out about my addiction. I have a real problem! I just can't help myself! I'm running out of room! Here are some of the beauties I picked up recently:

Crassula argentea compacta

This one needs an ID. All it says on the container is assorted Echeveria.

This one is labeled as Echeveria 'pinwheel'

This was also labeled as 'Assorted Echeveria' I realize it's in pretty poor shape but I'm hoping to nurse it back to health.

I picked these up thinking it was 'baby toes' but was surprised to find it labeled as Aloinopsis schooneesii. I've been wanting this specific plant so I picked up 2! I really hope that they are what they say they are and the taproot is in good condition!

mammillaria elongata 'copper king'

mammillaria matundae

Ferocactus latispinus

ferocactus glaucescens

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All told I now have 86 succulents and cacti and that is not including the leafling starts! Am I now officially considered and addict?


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Aagh no Erin, you can go some more! Still chances for you to get off it!! I am busy tagging my little pots (mostly seedlings) with stickers, there is 396 stickers per packet and I am on my third packet............ see you are just fine!

Very nice plants by the way! Hope the drainage is good on the Aloinopsis. Such grand plants, I understand the times2! Rian

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Erin, your recent finds are awesome. You did get some very nice plants. But I agree with Rian, I'm sure there are many other plants out there you don't have that you need!

LOL How fun! I do understand the addiction. I'm getting so bad that I feel guilty and sick for days after I buy more plants. I built a greenhouse awhile back and it is jam packed with plants. Hardly any room to move and that makes me feel bad when I see all the money in that place. Oh well, one can't use the money in the after life. Enjoy your plants Erin and good luck nursing them back to health. We could always have a worse addiction.

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I feel the pain...
I have run out of room.I first started with the foliage plants years ago. Since this forum, I am addicted to succulents .I have lost some due to poor watering habits,but I am learning. There is some money in those pots,but oh well.enjoy your babies,I do.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Erin - If you can still count how many you have then that is not enough. The first step is admitting you have a problem. I do. I have this problem with orchids, cannas and hostas. I have passed it onto my son. I hide them from myself and I live alone. When you buy yourself a gift because 'it is Tuesday' you know you are OK. BTW what did the Thanksgiving Turkey bring you? Wonder if Lowe's is open.

Have a Great Day all. Paula

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True to the philosophy of addicts everywhere, no matter how many you have, it will never be enough. There will always be a way to justify just one more...and one more...and one more...

Welcome to Succaholics Anonymous, indeed.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a


The Jade species is Crassula ovata - "argentea" is an outdated synonym.
If the Jade does infact stay small, it is most likely a "Crosby's Compact."


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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I remember a book titled 'Why do we Garden'. Well, we are all addicts. Why, Why, Why, do I do the things I do? Let me start with this! Better than drinking, gambling, drugs, Sex, smoking, whatever. And most people I know who is into plants are the most nicest people anyone would love to know. The sex part is about porn stuff. Had to clear that part up. We will always spend money on crazy stuff anyway, why not on something that makes up happy for a long time. I could go on and on and should be a post all it's own. But I know you all know what I mean.

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I sure know about succulent/cactus addiction...and I don't think I ever wanna be cured lol. I cant wait til I get paid next week so I can get a jade plant or two or hundred. I'm also on a hunt for a rosary vine. I'm gonna go to a few garden nurseries. One of them by me got in a HUGE amount of succulents this month, I bought six of them, but I think I need more LOL.

I think there's nothing wrong with buying plants if they make us happy..it's not like it has negative consequences like drugs and other bad addictions...there's just something spiritual about owning and taking care of plants, atleast for me it is.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


You'll likely have better luck finding particular new plants in the Spring (like the Rosary vine). I can't tell where you are in the USA, but some places, it's already too cold to do mail order shipping (unless you're doing nursery shopping in person).

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Hello, My name is Hijole and I'm a cacti and succulent addict, my succulent of choice is Echeverias but I will stop to look at any type of species. I thought when I saw this "Succulents Anonymous" thread THATS it!!! I'm an addict and my habbit is way... out of control.
It is to the point that I'm out of space to collect more or propagate but still find myself on a hunt for the next batch of cuttings, purchases and yes sometimes I pinch a piece off here and there.
Sometimes I even come home with new ones and have to hide them so that no one notices what I came home with.
I realize this addiction has taken a hold of my life especially when every pay check I ALWAYS seem to find a reason to pick up another Succlent or two or three... What is it with these plants that would make a man go out of his way to buy a plant, or spend his entire day off planting and repotting his collection of succulents.

At first I wrote it off saying, I could quit anytime I wanted to but the truth was obvious, I'm hooked. And this thing is in my blood, I found some pictures of when I was little and my Mother used to have quite a collection herself until my father practically had most of them removed from her garden. "Thats right!!! Cold turkey". fortunately for me my wife is very supportive and is standing next to me durring this moment of my life. In the past she would tell me that I was obsessed with my yard which of course I denied until one day the City where I Live awarded me an award for beautifying the city of Corona, ca. That was it, BUSTED!!! My wife sat me down and said, you see hijole No one wins an award like that unless there obsessed with their yard. I was still in denial and shook it off but soon there after I found myself thinking about where I would get my next fix, and I started looking for organizations that were having meetings for cacti and succulent shows in my area where I eventually found a collection I never saw before, I thought WOW!!! a whole new world of differents types of succulents Aloes and OMG no more room to put them what am I doing here!
This was completely out of control... Well here I am and I'm still collecting thank God my wife is still next to me and actually helping me and it was while reading this site that I finally realized, They're discribing me here. I'm hook, I'm an adict, So where are you guys holding meetings if any and will there be succulents on site to view ( just to look at ) Lol this is funny but it's a confession of a true addict who loves succulents and can't stop buying these plants no matter if I have room for them or not I'll find somewhere for them.

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Paula - the only reason I still have track of how many I have is because I have them documented on MyFolia. Love that website! Wish more people used it!

Josh - thanks for the ID! I'll have to keep an eye on it and see if it gets any bigger. I kind of hope it does because it's a beautiful plant but at the same time I hope it stays small because it's cute. LOL


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It'll certainly grow larger, but if the *leaves* stay small and compact, then we'll know ;-)


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Hijole - I could not identify with you more! That's my exact problem! I hide them as well. However, my husband just roles his eyes at me when he finds out I bought more! He actually sat me down the other day and told me "NO MORE! Not until we can find you a greenhouse!" You can't tell me no more! I'm an addict to the core! UGH Whatever shall I do! Especially when my Christmas money comes from the family in Michigan! Maybe buy a green house? I'm thinking so!


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hijole(9 Sunny California)

CorpsmanCooper - Seriously this seems to be a very common vice with anyone who has been given a little o'l succulent by some friend or family member, thats how I got hooked. I used to only collect cacti and one of my cousins gave me some Hen and chicks and that was all it took, and BAM!!! Little by little my addiction started, I mean my collection, and I never had this problem with other type of plants, but these Succulents can get ahold of your life and change it for ever.
I too have considered a green house to EXPAND my addiction I mean collection. sometimes I also consider starting a little nursery for pots and succulents and find myself dreaming of that, ( Is this normal?) anyway I haven't figured a way to stop it and then to make matters worse I find this crazy blog on cacus and succulents where I continuously keep peeking into to see what someone has in their garden.

On a positive note we all know that we can quit this whenever we want to Right? After all "TARGET" did, But who wants to quit anyways besides "Target" I noticed they have kicked the addiction once and for all and have been clean for nearly 1 year at least where I live. But now they took up eating. "FOOD" has now taken over there addiction so what are we going to do? LOL...
For now I'll just try Moderation thats a good way to say it's under control after all, We can quit when we want right? I got to go I'm starting to get the shakes LOL.

Once an addict always an addict, Funny but true.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Would enjoy seeing a photo of your award-winning yard Hijole, it must be beautiful.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

I appreciate that hoovb, If I could just figure out the method on how to deliver pics on this page I would do it in a heart beat, I hear others who are also trying so I'll do the intellegent thing and ask my kids for some help and send some assap. Do you also have succulent plants or are you into Roses? Let me warn you my friend If you are and addict stay away from this site as a matter of fact run fast and run far....

JK (just kidding) I do know some people hook on roses and not just the thorns either LOL.
they are nice but they dont do the same thing for me like the succulents.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

An addiction to cactus might make you bleed but it won't kill you. I got it bad too. I had to have my purse searched at the county court house because the metal detector went bonkers when my trowel cause a commotion of twisted heads and gasps at the ex-ray machine and then they stuck their hands in my purse and YELPED when they were snagged on the needles of a new cactus that a friend had just given me. I had forgotten I had been running with scissors at a friends backyard..

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That's funny.i carry plastic bag and scissors just in case a friend wants to share a clipping.

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