Key Lime Thorns

ghoghunterSeptember 10, 2005

I am growing a key Lime for the first time this year. It came from Stark Brothers as a very small plant this Spring and has grown quite well. It now has very long pointy thorns on it and I am getting concerned that they will continue to grow in proportion to the size of the tree. Do all citrus have thorns like this? I had no idea it would get such sharp thorns!! It is about 12-18 inches high and has spread to about 12 inches wide and I will be taking it inside soon since I live in zone 6 and it cannot stay outside.

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Your key lime will always have thorns, but as the tree gets bigger and more mature, they will tend to be somewhat shorter. Nearly all citrus have thorns as young seedlings; most varieties quit making them as the tree matures. But Key lime has thorns throughout its life.

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

You can snip off the thorn points to make your tree more pleasant to be around. I have 3 Key Lime trees, 2 are thorny, 1 is thornless. The citrus I have with the worst thorns is my Meyer Lemon. It has HUGE ones on new growth -I also trim them.

When I get stabbed by a citrus thorn it feels like venom is injected into my skin. They hurt! I must just be very sensitive to them, as other thorny plants don't burn me like citrus do.

I have not seen any ill effects to the plants by removing the sharp points of the thorns.


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Well I will trim the thorns. I had not thought about trimming them and that is a great idea. I am glad to hear they will not be growing any bigger.

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BabyBlue11371(z6 KS)

i use dog toe nail clippers to clip the thorns on mine. makes nice smooth clean cut.
Gina *BabyBlue*

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