Is a Clementine worth growing?

meyermike_1micha(5)September 16, 2013

Hello all...

This is one tree that I do not have and I have no clue about them.
Are they easy to grow? Are they seedless or even sweet?
Is there any benefit or plus to growing one of these?

Thanks all!

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Clementines are awesome Mike! Haven't you ever seen them for sale in your local grocery stores? Here, there usually sold in bags or small boxes. They are really sweet, and out of a dozen or so fruits, you may find a couple fruits with one or two seeds. The fruits are small, smaller than a mandarin orange, so to me, they would be good to grow, because they wouldn't take as much time to mature. I am thinking about getting one myself because the same nursery I bought my Tango mandarin, is running a BOGO sale on there 3ft trees. The price is $32!

I am considering the clementine, and either another Meyer lemon, or a Lane late navel orange.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Oh HECK yes. They are delicious, super duper sweet, nearly seedless. They remind me of Christmas, as my mom always put one in the toe of my Christmas stocking. I couldn't wait to get to the toe of my stocking, it was better than all the candy in the stocking :-) I would recommend the Clemenules (Nules Clementine). Check with Fours Winds to see if their Algerian Clementine is actually the Clemenules cultivar (Clemenules is a type of Algerian Clementine). Extremely sweet, zipper skin, you would be able to eat this, Mike, just like the Seedless Kishu manadarin. Let us know if you locate one.

Andrew, I would recommend the Australian Late Navel over Lane Late. I think it is sweeter and better. Lane Late is good, but Australian Late was exceptional at the UC Riverside Citrus Variety Collection.

Patty S.

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Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it but they only have the Lane Late. I will have to see what other citrus they have. They only had one, maybe two varieties of different citrus fruits. I know they have Meiwa kumquats and even though I like the fruit, I don't like it enough to grow it. Too bad they didn't offer any grapefruits but then again, I have the Ruby Red and Or Blanco. I hope they still have Clementine. Maybe I will just get another Meyer but then again, I need some type of orange, mandarin, or tangerine.


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Thank you so much Patty and Andrew, two of my favorites!

I think I will get the one you speak of Patty on my next round of spring...I would love to try a non acidic fruit to see if I can handle it.....A guy here at work asked me if I had one since he always wanted one and it never occured to me to even try one.

Now I will...

Hoping you two are good and your families fine...


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

We're all fine out here. Enjoying some cooler weather, finally. You'd have sworn you had awoken in Florida here for the last few weeks, ugh. Not used to the heat and humidity. We never had this sort of humidity when I was growing up, this is a new weather trend in the summer for us - the monsoon weather pushing up from the Gulf of Mexico all the way into S. California. We don't get the rain here at the coast, but we sure get the humidity and heat. My citrus loved it, though, lol!

Patty S.

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Mike I would really recommend the nules
clementine. Extremely easy plant to grow
of all my citrus this one easily is my best
looking citrus and has lots of fruit.Just finished
bringing in all the trees inside the greenhouse.
It took 5 days , my back is killing me.

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I know this is an older post, but I would have to disagree and say as a BACKYARD variety, they are not worth growing.
1) they are not seedless, unless grown in isolation. Amongst mixed plantings or with a neighbors' lemon tree they will be quite seedy--as bad as a honey murcott (12+ seeds).
2) They don't store well on the tree once mature and tend to ripen inside out (ie. ripe before skin has fully colored up.
3) Require a fair degree of thinning to increase fruit size and quality.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

I would politely and completely disagree. Mine have seeds, but that has never been a disqualifier for any cultivar I add to my collections. It is one of the best tasting mandarin cultivars in my orchard. I prefer Clemenules. It is rich, sweet, complex, juicy, holds its flavor on the tree, easy to peel. It ranks up there with Seedless Kishu, Ponkan, Gold Nugget, Page and Tango in quality and flavor. Lower on the acidic scale, which is a quality Mike prefers. They hang well on the tree, so I leave them on the tree as "storage", and pick as needed. For Mike's purposes, it will remain nearly seedless, as his fruit will most likely set prior to bringing outside.

Patty S.

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The Algerian is a nice looking tree. It is also more cold tolerant than other citrus trees. Definitely worth growing.

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