Merry Christmas to me - my new Jade!!

hermie3rd(5)November 30, 2013

Hi All!

I just wanted to post a picture of a silver dollar jade cutting I received yesterday. If anyone has any helpful tips on this particular jade I would really appreciate them. The cutting was dusted with rooting hormone when I received it, and the pot is terracotta with a large drain hole in the bottom. I planted it in 50/50 succulent soil and perlite, after reading through a bunch of useful information on this forum. So thank you!

I'm just starting to get into succulents - I have a couple of "regular jade" cuttings from my friend's plant, as well as what I thought was a Crosby's Compact, but some of you identified it as just the regular Crassula ovata. I just didn't know if the silver dollar jade needed any requirements my other jades didn't.

Thanks for all your help. This forum has been so helpful to me as I've started caring for succulents.

Happy Holidays!!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Cool, that's a nice gift.
The 'Silver Dollar' Jade - Crassula arborescens - is one of my favorites. Treat it like you would any other Jade - don't overwater, especially while it has no roots. That potting mix isn't wet, is it?


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Hi Josh - Thanks! And nope. No water at all. I'm thinking it just looks wet because my kitchen cabinets were casting a shadow. Through rooting my other cuttings, I know better than to water it until it has roots. But thank you!

I've seen collections of your jades on here, and they are quite impressive. I'm hoping to get some nice color on mine in the spring - being in Michigan, I think the weather is against me, but I'm having shelves installed in my kitchen window this week, which faces west. I'm hoping that will be enough sun to get them through winter, until I can get them outside.

Thanks again for your input! :)

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I've had my succulents for about 6 months now...all are doing fine since I started growing under lights. ( my NE window gets no light in the winter) I Have two Jades ... A green one that I forgot the name -_-...and a tri-colored one. ( In the front right) I've found that my jades were the least picky of all my sux... When the others started letting me know that they weren't getting enough jades just didn't seem to mind. But, they started growing 3x faster when they went under the light! The only problem I've had so far is that the tri color scars easily, but I'm careful anyway because all my plants hate to be touched!

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H Snailprincess - thanks so much! Your succulents are pretty. I would like to get a variegated for my next one. Or a Gollum. But I think I'm going to wait until Spring when Michigan weather is more conducive.

I'm having shelves installed on Tuesday in my kitchen above my sink, which has a west-facing window. I'm hoping the sun will be strong enough through winter, and then in the spring they will go outside. I'm hoping I don't end up exposing them to too much sun too quickly. I'm pretty good with my other plants transitioning them outside, but since I'm new to succulents, there will be a little trial, and hopefully not too much error. :)

Thanks for sharing your photo!

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