First time Dahlia grower

jayvaghela(5b)March 20, 2013

Hi All,

Growing dahlia from tuber first time, bought 3/4 variety. Some are doing good, some eyes grown but for some tubers its still struggling.

I planed to propagate it but now there are very less eyes which grown, dont know, should I wait till other eyes grow or just buy other tuber and plant them?

Currently all are in container, planted before 9 days.

Please advice, Thanks.

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steve22802(7a VA)

Be patient with the slow tubers. Put them somewhere warm planted in slightly moist loose potting mix if you want to encourage them to start sprouting now. Are you planning on propagating them from sprout cuttings? This isn't really a task for a beginner but if you want to try there is good info on the web.

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Thanks Steve.
Yes planning for propagating, will give it a try on some tuber. For rest, I heard that only one sprout should be there when we transplant and should cut rest sprout, is that true?

Will check those links.

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