scared of screwing up...

allie2577(5)March 13, 2009

Hi everyone..

this is my first year planting dahlia tubers.. last year i grew some from seed which came out nice, and so began my addiction to dahilas..

i ordered some tubers online and was planning on starting them indoors next month. and since ive never seperated the tubers before, i got some at walmart the other day to practice on. but i didnt see any eyes on them.. so i seperated them as best as i could and planted them in peat pots today.

anyway.. i guess im looking for some good tips so i dont screw any of the expensive ones i bought online...



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Poochella(7 WA)

Welcome, Allie. Good news: depending on where you ordered your tubers they will likely be single dahlia tubers with no dividing necessary. Or they might be similar to what you get at Walmart, a little multi-fingered conglomerate known as potroots. Those are generally smaller they're usually not easily divided. Grow just as well as regular tubers though.

I usually wait to see little nubs of growth on any dahlias to make sure they've got some life in them. It's easy to encourage them to sprout. Just place them with the central stem area exposed, and the rooty parts buried in a pot of barely damp soil or potting mix. Put them in a bright room and you should see growth in a few days, sometimes longer, depending on the variety.

The biggest thing to avoid is planting in cold, wet soil. Put them in pots or flats or whatever until your garden area is warmed up. Using paper-lined pots is a very easy way to get them started and then just slip them into the garden when ready. See the link below for photos.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jroot's thread on dividing & making paper pots

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thanks alot for the advice poochella..i've been doing a lot of research and ive been reading all the threads.. im just afraid my thumb isnt as green as my head is!! Visions of blooming dahlias keep me awale at night...

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