Do I have a problem?

Suzy11September 11, 2012

My tree has 2 new growing flowers. It is still in the pot from the nersury & I think that I should have repotted it sooner but I didn't. It now looks like it needs to be repotted, it has new leaves & is growing fast. Bark is coming out of two holes but has been there for awhile, when I water it the water still comes right out. Siince it is flowering can it be repotted. I am going away for a week. Can it wait? I know that you can not prune now.

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I forgot to sent a picture

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What is it? Kinda looks like a Meyer? Don't stress about the flowers; your tree is really too small to allow it to keep fruit. Leave the flowers to bloom and to set fruit, if it does; at that point, you can take off the fruit; if you take off the flowers, the tree will just try to make more flowers; and that energy is best spent in growth at this stage. After the flower/fruit set is done, it would be a good time to transplant it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

How much soil is in that container? I ask because the size of the pot seems perfectly adequate for the plant, as long as you have enough potting mix in there. The medium should come to just a couple of inches below the edge of the container.

To add more, if that's what the problem is, life the plant out and add fresh potting medium to the bottom, place the root ball on top of that and refill around the edges. Water thoroughly to settle everything in together.

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What do you mean that bark is coming out of two holes?

You have recieved some great advice, Good luck with that tree. It's a beauty and has great potential!


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Yes my tree is a Meyer. What do you mean by set fruit? Should I pick it when it appears or let it ripen?

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Thank you mike I think so too. Mulch I guess, one piece from each hole. My friend told me that it would disinagreat but it takes a long time

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Setting fruit is what happens after the blooms fall off and you see tiny little green fruits on the branch. If you leave them, they will grow and eventually ripen into the much desired Meyer lemon. For young trees like yours, you could leave perhaps 3 to 5 fruits, if they are on strong limbs and well spaced; any more than that you should remove at the BB sized stage, or the tree will put all it's energy into the fruit and "forget" to grow.

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Thank you very very much John. You were a big help. One more question. Rhizo said that the dirt should be a couple of inches below the rim of the pot. Do you think that 21/2 is too much? :-)

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I'm not a container specialist; but in my nursery trees that are in "pots", I do fill the pot to about an inch below the rim.

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