deciphering the USDA ornamental report

marthacr(z5 Me)July 3, 2006

I am looking at the USDA Ornamental price report to get an idea of how to price my flowers. Many are only priced in bunches. How can I find out how many to a bunch? Some DO say 5s or 10s but is this the # of stems or a quality rating?

For instance:


so is that 5 stems of CA hybrids etc but 10 stems of California Belladonna bring the same price, yet the Volkerfrieden (?) type bring $10-11 per stem?

Any help would be appreciated


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jannel(z5 NY)

Hi Martha..
I believe there are three categories in this report, so 10 individual stems of Volkerfrieden from Ecuador would be $11.50 but a bunch of 10 from California would be 10.00-11.00

Bunched 5s
CA (California)Hybrid long 8.50-10.00
EC (Ecuador)Hybrid long 12.00

Bunched 10s
CA (California)Belladonna long 8.50-10.00
CA (California)Belladonna med 6.50-8.00
CA (California)Hybrid short 10.00
CA (California)Volkerfrieden long 10.00-11.00

Per stem
EC (Ecuador)Volkerfrieden long 1.15
IS (Israel)Hybrid long 2.50-2.75
NL (Netherlands)Hybrid long 2.75

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Can you translate "CB" and "PE" for me? Thanks.

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jannel(z5 NY)

Hi, Glenn,
CB= Columbia and PE= Peru
They donÂt make it easy to find , but on Pages 23 and 24 of the Fruit and Vegetable Market News Users Guide is a list the STATE AND COUNTRY ABBREVIATIONS .. (You need adobe acrobat reader)
Note: The Fruit and Vegetable Market News Service is in the process of revising its two-letter country abbreviations in order to conform with The International Standards Organization (ISO) abbreviations.

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