David Austin roses for cutting

clemmielover(5)July 12, 2013

Hey helloo community
I'm brand new to roses and am trying to pick up as much as possible from the various forums and also have a few cross postings up regarding general care before committing to purchase but I think today's subject would best left to you fellas here.

Which David Austin roses would be best suited for cut vase?

By chance while reading up on hardiness I learned that they are known to shatter easily once picked, the Graham Thomas being the worst in this regard.
Here are the criteria I'm searching under: Fragrant ( heady, I want wafts of it ), repeat bloom, disease resistance and of course, reliably hardy to zone 5.

These are still available to me at local nurseries
(discount due to late season, woot-woot!!) :
Winchester Cathedral
Abraham Darby
Graham Tomas
Golden Celebration
Mary Rose
Darcy Bussell
Lady Shallot
Port Sunlight
Lady Emma Hamilton
Gertrude Jekyll

So far I have picked up from various threads that Golden Celeb and Abraham Darcy both supposedly have magnificent scent , reliable rebloom and decent cut life, round 3-4 days I believe.
I really would like to hear from someone here who grows any of these roses in same or similar climate to me.

The following are the three contenders and unless I hear great things about the others within my criteria, the roses I end up with.

Winchester Cathedral, White, rated as very hardy by the DA site.
Abraham Darcy, Peach Pink, rated as hardy.
Golden Celebration, Rich Gold Yellow, rated as very hardy.

Runner up would be Mary Rose, Port Sunlight and Lady Emma Hamilton

I came across a interesting claim last night while perusing the old threads.
Since DA roses are bred for the UK climate, mostly over cast weather and mild summers the plants had been reported to lose their scent in the hot, clammy, blazing sun of the US.

The scent would resume when temperatures dropped in late summer. This got me a bit doubtful as I'm about to fill up a substantial part of my yard with these roses and
I picked up a nice fragrant HT Peace rose perhaps more suited for our climate just in case and already have Stormy Weather rose but have not found any reference's to it's cut life.

I would be interested to hear what other (no spray) highly fragrant for vase roses are out there that also survives the sometimes brutal Chicago winters with a good margin?
Anyone who can advice how scent and cut life is graded? What do I look for in descriptions? Any buzz words to stay clear from or look out for?
Anyone using Wicheriana rose? How are they?
Thank you and happy digging!

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I have Abraham Darby - zone 5 just like you. In terms of vase life... Not super long lasting, but that fragrance. Ooof. Plus your plant once established will give you a good supply to replace those that give up in the vase.

Darcey Bussel is an EXCELLENT ROSE. BUY IT. Don't look back! It's a variety that's also sold as a "garden rose" to us floral designers and it's a stunning red/crimson double.

Gertrude Jekyll - Supposed to be magnificent in our climate. I can't speak on vase life, but I'd expect to be on the same lines.

The biggest thing on extending vase life... is when you cut your roses - immediately put them in water. I don't cut mine until they are just about to open or even closed, this is how they are shipped in the industry.

Also, make some homemade floral solution. lukewarm water, tsp of sugar, and a few drops vodka in your average size vase is the best solution. The sugar feeds the flowers, the vodka inhibits the production of ethylene by the flower, and the temperature helps your flowers absorb more water. Bleach solution I only use on more tube-like stemmed flowers - think gerbs and sunflowers.

Give them a fresh cut with a knife - not snips. Snips effectively crush the xylem and phloem (tubules) and cause your flowers to not drink as much as they could as opposed to using a sharp knife (no squished stems) to cut them before putting them in your vase.

I remove thorns and leaves that would be under water... anything above water - leave it (unless ugly). Unnecessary openings reduce vase life above the surface of the water.

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The David Austin website has a list of their roses that are supposed to be good for cutting. The only one of these that I have is William Shakespeare 2000, which lasts 2-3 days when cut nearly open. It's about the same as in the garden, but not long compared to hybrid teas.

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I bought Jude the obscure last year it is beautiful hardy and heavy scented,and yup about 3-4 days in a vase.Mary rose isn't as fragrant but i love that old rose look and its very tough other than a little blackspot (i don't spray my roses)! Good luck!!!

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