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misslucindaMarch 25, 2008

Dear friends:

Have heard it said that to start your lil friends early all you need is a flat, damp potting soil and a sunny window or grow light.

The question is, why any light at all if the room temperature is warm enuf. After all the little guys sprout under 6" of dirt in many instances and the last I heard that let in very little light.

I ask this because I am not at my "dahlia house" during the week and fear for fires in this old house lest I leave a gro-light on.

Thank you, ML

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Well, here's an answer. No problem keeping them in the dark until the sprouts break the surface.

However, the sprouts are etiolated and just keep right on pushing upwards reaching for light until they find enough to start greening up. And, unless this light is there soon after they break the surface, the sprouts will grow long, weak and spindly and eventually fall over.

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sturgeonguy(5a ON)

I would also add that if your goal is to take cuttings, and propogate your tubers into more plants, those sprouts grow faster to the point they can be cut with light. Then, again with light, you get more sprouts sooner and, I think, more of them healthy.


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linnea56(z5 IL)

Do you have a window you can use instead? Mine do just fine with a window. You can just turn them around once a week to correct any leaning.

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Thank you for responding-

I thought dear old 'Garden-Web' would have sent me cc's of your responses but guess not.

Okay. In the dark fine until they sprout and then off to some bright light, right?

Again Thanks, ML

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linnea56(z5 IL)

When you post your original question, under the "preview" box is a smaller box you have to check to get replies e-mailed to you. If you don't check it (or forget to), you don't know if anyone has replied. You can't go back retroactively, either: if you forget you have to bookmark the thread so you can find it again.

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