The Biggest Dahlia Flower

teddahliaMarch 31, 2010

There is quite a population of dahlia growers who grow only giant sized dahlias that many of us call "dinner plate" dahlias. I have grown many big ones over the years and the largest one I grew was couple of years ago called Almand Supreme. It was 14 inches in diameter. How big have you grown a dahlia flower? I have seen them bigger than 14 inches and have heard of an 18 inch Emory Paul.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Wow 18" would be one impressive "serving platter" dahlia! I've only been able to muster a mere 11" across here in a white ID with no name. Still pretty impressive for a flower.

On a side note, does anyone else find the Bing popup things the most annoying interruption in any online experience? Reminds me of telemarketer calls in days of yore.

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We've had 15" Wyn's Conquistador get 15" without any problem-- & bigger when only 3-up (this is on late bloomers that are under the trees so don't mature very early- otherwisw we grow it as many up as it wants & it's still bigger than a basketball!) My brother-in-law grew a 17" one- the first dahlia he ever grew!
We have a seedling 06-01 that regularily gets upwards of 16" or so-
I was going to post pictures but now have to figure out how - Photobucket seems to have changed how you put pictures on here & I'm flummoxed! Or maybe it's the fault of Windows? Don't know but I'm stuck again!

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