Photo of pruned Ponytail Palm (beaucarnea recurvata)

plumeriaflNovember 19, 2009

I had this ponytail palm that was getting a little leggy for my liking, so I cut the 4 branches back and was amazed by how many heads sprouted from each cut. I left about 15 heads to grow. Very pleased I decided to prune mine... I just don't like the long "stretched-out neck" look I see around on so many in-ground ponytails. Who's with me??

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Well, There was (not sure if there still is) one just over the bridge onto Marco Island Florida, on the right that is over 6 feet tall and then branches out to create a Huge umbrella like crown. It looked(s) Incredible! Yes, they don't look so good when they first grow that tall skinny trunk, but when it finally decides to branch out, it's impressive. But since it takes a long time, I suppose cutting it back is a quick way to get the look. I just would have cut back a bit higher... Maybe even just cut the tops.
Here's a few pics of some left alone and some cut short.

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Once they are mature, I think they really need the height to keep an attractive set of proportions. Yeah, they go through an awkward adolosence, but who among us didn't? ;-)

This plant is about 10 *feet* wide at the base. I think it would look pretty strange if it were really short.

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I've got one that was broken off during the fire, it has sprouted a bunch of new "heads" but looks a little strange to me, just because I'm not used to it. The big one in the backyard is about 9 or 10' tall, the top is very thick with the leaves hanging over 1/2 way down. And a smaller one just bloomed this summer! I leave them alone cause I like the way they naturally look, like the pics above.
Tally Ho!

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I have a tiny one in a small bonsai pot. I don't think it'll ever get that big. Especially since I can grow other succulents, but have a horrible record with ponytail palms.

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Hello All,

just got a pony tail palm tree still trying to figure out where exactly to prune, do I cut underneath all the palms toward the top of the trunk, or do I prune where the palm is sprouting from, have four sprouts growing out of the trunk.

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I have same ? as Stephen......where do I cut? Just below the green top, someplace along the stem with the papery remains of expired leaves, or anywhere I choose along the stem?

I have a 25 yr old potted plant that is now about 6' high with a single, straight stem. Over the past couple of years I've considered lopping off the top -- to reduce it's height & make a mor interesting looking plant.

I ordinarily do not fertize often, but given my plans, I thought it might be q food idea to give a little boost to get it ready to produce leaves. It now has to sprouts along the base of the stem & I can see some additional "bumps" along the stem that will burst forth soon!! This has never happened before!

Looks like this may be exactly the time to prune my ponytail -- can some one give me some tips??

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