buying dahlia plants from cuttings

lovedahliasMarch 13, 2009

I recently purchased dahlia plants that were started from cuttings. These plants do not have bulbs presently. Has anyone tried to grow these type of dahlias and have they produced bulbs in the fall? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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I have taken cuttings of my own. They only produced sizable tubers when I took them in and put them under lights until November. The cuttings though were taken in May, I'll see this year how they do with cuttings from February.

Russ might have more info as he does a lot of cuttings.

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Poochella(7 WA)

I don't do many cuttings, but they will indeed go on to grow and develop good tubers for the next year.

Last year, a little sprig broke off a new dahlia, so I poked my finger in the soil, plunked in the broken stem; just a little sprout of 3" or so. It grew to about 18" but had developed tubers in just a matter of a few weeks when I pulled it up. Tubers are nothing more than fattened up roots.

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In England most people buy rooted cuttings instead of tubers. Here in the USA plants are available from a few commercial sources. Many dahlia societies sell rooted cuttings and I believe San Francisco only sells rooted cuttings at it's sales. Dahlias frown from rooted cuttings do just as well as those grown from tubers. They do make tubers but not as many as a tuber grown plant.

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Thanks so much everyone for your input and advice! I have much more confidence that I will be able to grow these plants successfully!

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