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lila_newgardener(8)March 10, 2007

So on a few of the tubers that I have started indoors, I noticed that there are multiple shoots growing. Should I remove them, and if so, is there a certain way to do it? I noticed that one of them has a second eye starting to grow practicaly right on top of the one that is already almost 2 inches tall. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to hurt them somehow before I just pull off the ones I don't want.

Thanks :)


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You can gently rub them off and just narrow them down to one strong shoot. You can also let them all develop and take them as cuttings to root. That way you will have several of that verity. Check some of the Dalhlia Society web sites - you will find great instructions on how to take Dalhlia cuttings. Good luck from Georgia

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Thanks for the response. :) I would love to have more plants, but unfortunately I already have too many bulbs and tubers and not enough garden space! I was thinking about potting up some of these extra sprouting tubers and bulbs and selling them at my spring cleaning garage sale because I have so many extra.. I hate to throw away a perfectly good growing little plant.

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I would suggest you keep two or three shoots on the plant until they are 6-8" out of the ground after they are planted. This is make sure you have growing stalks in case of a cut worm or other insect or conditions cause a loss of one or more of the stalks. They would come back if you only have one but it will need to grow from the original eye again which will take a couple of weeks at least. After they are growing well you can pinch off the extra ones at ground level and they won't continue to grow. Ultimatly you want to grow only one stalk out of the ground

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