Heliopsis helianthoides

donn_(7b-8a)July 12, 2005

Steve...more on the Heliopsis helianthoides. Is it a named cultivar (looks like 'Sommersonne' aka 'Summer Sun')? Are you growing it for seed, stems, both? I'm curious because I started 4 different Heliopsis this year. 'Loraine Sunshine,' 'Summer Sun,' one described as "yellow double" and one described only as Heliopsis. I had great germination in all of them, and am wondering what to be ready for.

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It is the native Heliopsis which I hand collected off of a remnant prairie from private land, with permission. I took that seed and grew 4, 300 foot rows of plants. I took that seed and planted it and now have a solid half acre growing. Initially I was growing it for seed production, now it's for stems and seeds. I see a great variation in sizes, shapes and hues, which is what the floists like, variety but consistency.

I have my headlamp on, the kids are in bed, and now I have to go cut 1000 Heliopsis stems for delivery tomorrow morning. Sleep is over rated.


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Thanks, Steve, and, by the way, you're nuts! Picking at midnight? If I went out with a headlamp at midnight, I'd be carried off either by cops or skeeters.

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I started doing it last year because I have time when everybody's in bed. The bugs aren't too bad except that they come to the light and hit me in the eyes. I put on long sleeves and deet anywhere skin is showing. I live out in the country so my neighbors are plenty far away, and they wouldn't call the cops any way because they know I'm nuts too, lol. Plus, my biology teacher buddy told me that it's a great time to cut because since they aren't actively grwoing it's less stressful on them. I cut another 800 stems last night for boquets I need to make for tomorrow.

Good luck with your Heliopsis,


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