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rolo(7 OR Coast)March 13, 2007

I've stored about one-third of our tubers in saran wrap this season, and they've fared very well in our garage, where the temperature stays around 50 most of the time. But now its getting about time to wake them up, and I'm unsure how to go about it. If I bring them into a warmer room, I'm concerned it would cause condensation - and thus rot - inside the wrap. Should I unwrap them before I bring them in? I'd thought about unwrapping them, putting them into unsealed plastic bags with a little damp peat moss, and then bringing them inside. Any suggestions?


(ps: we're on the Oregon coast where it never really gets too cold, or too warm for that matter.)

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Poochella(7 WA)

Yes, unwrap them for sure before or just after bringing them into a warmer environment. I learned the hard way last year. You can safely keep them in either peat or vermiculite or start some early in potting mix, until it's time to plant outdoors.

I bet you will find some already springing to life in their little plastic cocoons.

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rolo(7 OR Coast)

Thanks Poochella. I thought I recalled a post from last year in which someone told of an unfortunate experience when they warmed up wrapped tubers. Some our wrapped ones are beginning to show eyes, but not as much as those we stored in peat moss. The survival rate was much higher in wrap than in peat moss, which seemed to dry the tubers out even in our damp environment. We've only really been growing dahlias seriously (?) for one season, but were lucky enough to have a photo of our garden win a third place in Swan Island's annual photo contest and be published in their catalog. So now we're hooked, of course!
I'll plan to unwrap the tubers and put them in another medium before bringing them in to warm up.

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