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flowerfarmerJuly 25, 2005

Not too long ago someone was talking about ideas for a flower cart. Cheryl maybe? Anyway, here's a photo of our flower cart which my BIL and SIL are using this season. They have an ideal location; and, just a beautiful setting. This is their first year growing. They have had some crop failures right along with the rest of us. The zinnias are ours (their crop is a little behind). They made the bouquets themselves though. And, they are enjoying their new journey as well. Sunflowers 50 cents. Can you imagine? DH told them to cut the stems longer and raise that price!!! One works to hard. They'll learn. We all do eventually..........

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susiq(NW AR 6B)

Beautiful cart, bouquets, and setting. Looks idyllic, except for that 50 cent sign!

Give them encouraging hugs--their stuff looks great!


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KrazyKim(z5 MI)

So cheerful! This a totally irrational idea but I would love to have a cart to display flowers on like that, just to enjoy. lol.......I've been housebound for a week now, can you tell? FF, do you have some kind of building plan for the cart? Great idea!

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Kim -- If you are interested -- I have the copy of John Deere's catalog from 1915. It has a picture of a wonderful hand cart -- definitely smaller that flowerfarmer's but beautifully proportioned. It has dimensions on it --no plans.

We found a set of wheels but haven't gotten it built yet. It's on that very long list.

Email me and I'll sen it to you.

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Octogenarian(z5 Lake Erie)

I'd guess 3' long with a 15" wheel. Where do I get the wheels?. My background isn't that gorgeous, I'll follow Jeanie's suggestion and use a white backdrop. I'd also like 4 wheels and a small driver's seat and shafts so it resembles an Amish buggy. Another addition to things-to-do-when-it-cools-off, Ha!

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The cart is longer than 3' and the directions to make it are inside DH's head. The wheels are off an old vegetable cart. Sorry if it doesn't appear beautifully proportioned to some of you; but, we think it looks swell in its current setting. Old Gothic style farmhouse with an attached carriage house and high pitch roofs. The cart is sitting next to the old barn and surrounded by approximately 40 large old oak trees in the large yard. It was painted white at one time. It looks much classier with the new coat of paint. The flowers don't actually show up as well in a white cart. The color on the cart is a little more green than how it is showing up in the photograph. Anyway, Kim, if you still want the plans to make it, let me know and we will write them down for you.

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Oh Flowerfarmer -- I did not mean to insinuate that your's is not beautiful --it is absolutely lovely!!! I am so sorry if I offended you ----I did not mean anything by it.

The drawings I have are those from 1915 -- much smaller, no canopy but with pin-striping detail and a beautifully curved handle that would take some serious metal work to do.

I am a serious antique nut and am always in amazement of the detail and the elegance that was put into so many everyday items.

I recieved the drawings from the archivist of Deere and Co's private collection--I thought I would make them available if anyone would like them. I'm sorry.


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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

Extremely cool! I want one! (whine, whine!!!)

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I would love a copy of the drawings. BIL will have to build his own cart and return ours; and, I am sure he would love the antique John Deere plan. So, could you please forward them to me?

Seriously, I am not offended. Sometimes we are "market stressed," and wear our feelings on our sleeves. And, I am out in this extreme heat and humidity -- the air is so heavy and my sinuses are killing me (Get the picture?). The weather people are telling us that it's breaking the record held back in 1958. I do not need to know this. I am hot, sweaty, stinky; and, my legs and arms are now all scratched up from cutting all those dang sunflowers for tomorrow's market. And, the snapdragons are starting to look pretty darn awful. And, I really need to get back out there and cut, cut, cut more zinnias............

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I understand completely --- because of the drought -- and the extreme heat, my business is poor. So today I LOADED a semi trailer 1/4 of the way full of 3/4" 2x4 particle board shelves. I was dripping wet with sweat. 4 women doing the job and I'm 20 years older than the next oldest one!! We man-handled every single one from the back of the store into the semi.

Fortunately, its raining -- all afternoon! So I got to sit on my keester for a while.

Tomorrow I'll weed like a mad woman --- I can hear them growing now.

Email me and then I can attach it -- I don't think I can do an attachment from this end thru GW. At least, I've never been able to figure it out!!


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I'd like to see this flower cart. Trying to figure a way to make one I can take flowers down to the road to sell. I have an old runners baby stoller I thought to start with. But open to ideas like the one u saw I John Deere.

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