Meyer Lemons on Steroids

johnmerr(11)September 5, 2011

A few fotos of my Guatemala Meyer Lemons.

Haven't figgered out how to make the fotos appear in the message.

Here is a link that might be useful: Meyer Lemons on Steroids

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Let's try this foto thing again

12 OZ Meyer

1st of 3,000 18 Sept 2010

Production Potential

Limoncello Raw Material

Blooming at 10 months

Field Meyers at 1 year

Budwood Grove

Double Fruit

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

That's an amazing growth rate that container culture can not achieve. That's almost equivalent to three years container growth here.

The cluster of lemon is really the most amazing lemon picture I ever seen. Only extremely happy tree can sustain that kind of growth.

The leave color looks kind of like mine. Dark green but with some irregular yellow tone inside. Not a fungus, but probably because of the full sun.

Good job

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It isn't the full sun, it is the fast new growth...the color catches up later, as the roots grow to absorb the fertilizer. During rainy season, we sometimes apply foliar fert to help.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Lovely photos, John. Still love that double Meyer. I'd be trying to propagate that!

Patty S.

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The double Meyer is an interesting phenomenon... can't find anyone who has ever seen one before; but I seriously doubt there would be much of a market for it. Even in fruits, like Kiwi, where doubles are quite common, the doubles are considered culls. When my double is ripe, I will post it again...for posterity.

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Oh wow John!

It is like being in Meyer heaven. How I would love to walk amongst those. If I lived there, I would walk about them nice looking trees very often and feel at peace, especially when they are in bloom.

Beautiful John. Have you seen my pictures by the way of my variegated trees in pots here? Do you have any of the variegates?

Thanks a lot


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Great pictures.
I have a few citrus plants that I believe are the same size they were last summer when I got them.field grown really does give them potential .

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Sharon... not just field grown; but the root makes a huge difference; most Meyers in US are sold on dwarf rootstock; mine are on Macrophylla which is very aggressive; and may be too strong for the spacing I have... it is all still an experiment; but I have 3,000; and my first associate grower has 4,000 more.

Mike... I've seen your fotos. Variegateds are cute... kinda like my double lemon; but varis are best for shade and they usually produce less than the leaded varieties.

Anyone who wants to come to Guatemala for a visit will be invited to my farm; and I will play tour guide; it is a beautiful country. Check out the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Guatemala

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