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maplea(coast BC)August 26, 2005

Hi, I'm something of a lurker, but should make this forum by homepage. It's about the only thing I want to read, everyday. I am thinking about buying a mitchell wreath machine and am wondering if anyone has one, and any comments on it. I want to use if for holly, mainly, but also evergreens and maybe dried. I am actually looking for a canadian distributor, but that doesn't look promising right now, so am looking for a source on the west coast of the US--for the machine and ring clamps. I am in BC. Any help or comments on the product would be greatly appreciated.



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lmariesteve(z5 OH)

Try Maple Ridge Suppy Co. at : info@mapleridgesupply.com
They sell the Wreathmaster clamp machine and carry the forms with clamps. I have the table top model and get my forms from them. They also carry the model with the foot pedal mounted on its own table. I use mine to make dried wreaths. The phone number for them is 1-800-968-9627. The company is located in Posen, Michigan.They also carry other supplies and silk and dried materials. linda

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Maplea, Linda is right. The best non-electric machine is Maple Ridge supply's Wreathmaster. Buy the one with the foot pedal and table. It has a over the top metal arm that really helps. I have bought several different types. Right now we use 3 of the Wreathmasters they are great. Bryan

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spivey13(zone 4/5 IA)

I called Maple Ridge and they sent info on the E-Z Wreathmaker, which doesn't look like the same thing you folks are talking about--no foot pedal, no table--just a tabletop contraption that works like a giant stapler. Is the wreathmaster just a step up from this? Also, how long do your dried materials have to be, if you are making an 8" or 12" diameter wreath? Maple Ridge had somebody fairly new answering the phone--maybe I wasn't clear enough.
Thanks in advance for any info you could pass this way.

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maplea(coast BC)

Hi, I phoned maple ridge, too, and am waiting for some info to be sent by mail. They said they would email me something too, but I haven't received anything yet--been a week or more. I am curious to know the difference between the wreath master and the mitchell wreath machine, and why some think the wreath master is better. I haven't used a machine to make wreaths, and am still trying to decide which is best.I haven't even seen one,live, in use or not.

I need one as soon as possible, so I can plan my xmas season for holly and conifer wreaths. I usually make them by hand (about 500), but want to make them with a machine,--faster and easier,and I am hoping, just as nice-looking. I also want to make dried statice wreaths, etc., the rest of the year.
Any info to clarify matters, would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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All, You do not want the E-Z type. You want the wreath master. It has a stand like the one in the URL below, BUT and this is a HUGE BUT, unlike the one from Mitchells and north woods evergreen. The maple's wreath master has a arm that comes down from the top and clamps the wreath even tighter. Once you all get your machines give me a email and I can give you some hints and suggestions on wreath making.

Cathy, The floral wreaths we are doing now are on a 10" diameter ring and the smallest they make is a 6". On a 10" ring the outer diameter of the wreath is 30 to 36". If you want a 8 to 12" make a simple wooden jig and use hot glue. Most of the material we use is 12" or so long.

Maplea, I would just call and order a wreath master with a stand and a box of 100 of 10" single rail clamps.



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lmariesteve(z5 OH)

Hey all, the last catalog I got from Maple Ridge (the Christmas Supply Catalog) did have the one that Bryan is talking about. I got the catalog about two weeks ago, so I imagine it will probably be the same one. Look on page3. Linda

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Howdy all,

Wish I would have seen this before I bought my wreath machine from Mitchells. Oh well. I'm mostly going to use mine to make Lavender wreaths. Please let know how it all works out.


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Everyone,,,we just ordered a Wreathmaster...I am also interested if anyone has done "Kissing Balls" with evergreens. Info would be greatly appreciated

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maplea(coast BC)

Hi Tia: Congrats on your wreathmaster--I , too, just got one, and am thrilled with it so far. I have made some sweet annie/statice/wheat wreaths,and some holly ones too, to try it out. I also got some of the 3 -clip arched swags, and they are making a very nice product, with the same sort of things. Just stick a bow in the middle, and voila--an over-the-door type swag.
About the kissing balls, I just started trying them out. I had a 5" styrofoam ball, and I cut 4" long pieces of wire (cut from a roll of rebar wire). I bent them into a u-shape so they are 2" long. ( I think you can buy floral pins too, of the same sort of shape.) I threaded a piece of string thru the ball's center and secured it with another piece of wire, so it would not come out. This is to hang it with. I might try some narrow ribbon when I am making one for sale. Then I started pinning pieces of holly (or evergreens or whatever) from the bottom where the string is secured, and worked my way to the top, pinning pieces all around. The pieces were about 6" long, or so. At the top, I pinned a bow to cover up the resulting stems sticking up--and hung it up with the string. It looks pretty good. One thing I may try is spray painting the ball beforehand, green, or something, in case I don't get it completely covered. It didn't seem to be a problem, so far, though.
The resulting kissing ball was about 12" in diameter.
If anyone knows of a better way to do it, I'd like to know, as I just kind of made it up, as I went along.
Hope this helps. If you want a picture of the finished product, send me your email. (I haven't figured out how to post pictures on the forum.)
Hope this helps. Have fun.

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Maplea and Tia, becareful of what paint you use. Most will melt or mess up your foam ball. We use moss on ours with ribbon. You can add anything you want to them. The best way is to use florist picks.

Have fun with you wreath makers.


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flowers4u(z6 OR)

Bryan or someone...can you post a picture of these wreathmakers?? I don't know anyone with one and am very curious and interested about them, how they work, what they look like, what types of forms to use, etc...

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My wife has been out of control on the wreath machine. I've only played with it a little because I'm still harvesting seed, my wreaths left alot to be desired. My wife, however, is cutting all kinds of different stuff to make wreaths with. She even used the seed pods from Velvet leaf, which farmers are always spraying around here. She made some tallgrass prairie wreaths that look pretty good. She also made some corn tassle and oak leaf ones that look great. She saw some sumac seeds clusters that she said are going to look great with some junipers. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will.

Take care,


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Bryan and Maplea....THANKS for all of the advice.....it helps so much when you want to invest in something that is new. When you receive info from people who have the experience you are looking for, it makes things soooo much easier.....I will let you know how I do this season..

Again, thanks so much.

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I was just a click away from ordering a wreath machine from Santa's Supply when I stumbled upon this forum. I am so happy to have read this very important information. I'm new to the wreath-making business and need to know if the wreath master machine uses only their wire forms, or can I use other products. If other forms can be used, can anyone advise as to the best (least expensive) place to order the forms from. Also, is there a video or book that can be purchased that will show how to make the wreaths? Help will be greatly appreciated.

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Kay, the wreath master is made to use wire rings. That is the best way to make them. I am sure there is a video on line but don't know where. Order the rings at the same time as you do the wreath maker. There are cheaper sources, but only if you order a pallet at a time (about 4,500). What are you going to make them out of?

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heidi41(z5 Mass)

I know everyone else is not pleased with the "mitchell" type wreath machines but... I love mine. I bought it from a floral supply house here in my area several years ago. I order my wire clamp rings directly from Mitchell's. I have never had a problem with their product or their service. I have checked other sourses and fell I am getting a good deal from Mitchells. If you know of other clamp ring suppliers, I'd love to check them out

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flowers4u(z6 OR)

Hi -
I purchased my wreath maker last year from Oregon Wire Products, along with various wreath forms...and love it. They are close and I can drive in and pick up what I need. I love the snowflake design for Christmas seasons and just am now experimenting with the 'holly' clips which are a smaller clamp - works better with drieds. But need to adjust my machine a bit. I can already see a need for more than one...when 3 of us are making wreaths!

Have fun,

Here is a link that might be useful: Oregon Wire Products

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I do like Oregon wire's vinyl rings. The other wreath machine though has the added top arm that makes the wreath clamp tighter. Wendy you are right, we plan on a machine per person per shift or if they are making them for us, one per person.

Happy wreath making!

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