Zinnias - wrong colors and curled petals

Lily08August 3, 2014

I planted a variety of zinnias this year, in raised beds, in a border garden, and in containers, and I've gotten some odd results. For one thing, the colors are wrong! I did not buy any seeds for yellow zinnias, but I'm getting the wrong color zinnias in all three locations and from different types of seeds.

For example, in the raised cutting garden I planted several Benary's varieties: Salmon, Carmine Rose, Bright Pink, and Orange, along with Green Envy and White Purity zinnias. but..... I'm getting lots of pure-yellow blooms, 100% RED blooms, and hot pink blooms. They are pretty, and I like the colors, but I'm a little baffled that they are so different than expected.

Also, a lot of the Z. Elegans flowers aren't opening all the way - a few rows of petals in the center stay curled and never open - and the Zahara flowers are very tiny, like 1", maybe 1.5" max.

Any idea why? Are these things normal? This is only my second year growing zinnias. I was in North Carolina previously, and everything I planted there came out as expected (i.e., the color that was on the packet), although the varieties I planted were different (Purple Prince, Green Envy, and several Zahara varieties).


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