PIX - Are dead branches sign of disease - Alaskan cypress?

grandma_gardener_02April 17, 2012

One of two of our 7 year old Alaskan cypress are developing brown needles and branches at the base. We have had a warm wet winter and now seemingly unending dry winds. Should I be concerned about mites? It was very difficult to get a good picture of the tree as it is crowded next to two arborvitae by our trellis. First one is overall tree - as good as I could get. Last two show the dead branches. Our other cypress [on other side of the two arborvitae is doing fine - no dead branches]

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This is nothing to be alarmed about ( i believe :) ).. the interior branches normally die..
And judging by the pics i don't see any indication of disease.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

interior browning is NORMAL.. no conifer.. nor evergreen holds its leaves forever ...

though debatable.. i would not call the stuff in there branches ...

browning is increased due to drought last year.. hard winter.. etc ...

reach in and knock it off.. or leave it until it falls off itself ...

brown down low.. hard to tell on that last pic.. is USUALLY a dog ... or a 6 year old boy .. lol ...


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Thanks guys. One less thing to be concerned about in the middle of spring "jobs" that are overwhelming right now.

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