Monadenium coccineum

bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MINovember 15, 2012

I visited a greenhouse in Jackson, Michigan yesterday. I've been to this location over the summer and wanted to return because, the obvious, he has some really neat plants, is unbelievably friendly, and has the gift of gab; could you ask for anything more for an enjoyable sunny afternoon! I picked up a pair of Euphorbia suzannae, male and female in flower.... so cool! While walking around I also saw two variations of Monadenium magnificum. Well the owner said the plant on the left was imported from Tanzania while the plant on the right was purchased from a US retailer. The plant on the right looks like most of what I've seen on the internet except the plant shown at Is it possible that these are both the same? And how do you care for this, since it has leaves and nice flowers, i.e., water .... hold back on the water to force it to go dormant....what? He also gave me a bare root Monadenium coccineum with a very nice caudex. The stalks were all cut short and it looks dormant. Haven't a clue how to provide good culture for this and on Bihrmann's website it says this is a winter grower. I know most Monadenium are kept pretty dry during the winter, so what do I do???????

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Is this greenhouse open to the public, bikerdoc? I drive through Jackson every day on my way to/from work.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

yes it is but you have to call to be sure someone will be there. John and Kathy have "winter hours" now until spring. While I don't know their schedule, I think they are open most days during the warmer Spring/Summer time and close to open visitors November 1. Since you sound like you are familiar with the area, they are about 15 ~ 20 minutes west of the intersection of SB US 127 and E. Chicago Road (US 12). (248) 996-5512. Sorry if I should have posted this to a PM... hope no one gets upset with me, if I've been politically incorrect.

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Hah...I just posted if it was this place in the other thread. I'm very familiar with the nursery and they're a great place. I've gotten really nice dykia and a monstrose cereus from there before. I'm always amazed at their mesembs and hawarthias.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I'm just reviving this because no one added any comments about the care of the Monadenium coccineum. The caudex is still hard as a rock but no growth from the top as of yet. Do you hold off with water until growth begins or what?????

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Keep in mind that M. magnificum and M. coccineum grow in a climate where there's little temperature variation. Their growth clues are lots of rain in the Spring (for vegetative growth), followed by a dry summer, then rain (but much less than in the Spring) during Oct/Nov/Dec, which is when they bloom.

If I were you, I'd wait until Spring before watering your M.c. caudex.

Don't believe everything you read on Bihrmann's :)

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Thanks, Lancer. I don't believe everything on Bihrmann's! Will the M. coccineum begin to send up new stalks in the spring as an indicator that I could water or just begin with small amounts in April or so?

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