dahlia seeds

anna_lisa(Quebec)April 15, 2006

Hi I would like to know how to get dahlia seed from dahlias I have about 30 dahlias and most of them are AAtype. Is there a site where they show you step by step how to get the seed. I know they sell the seeds at the garden centers but they are the border type I don't want them.I would like to collect my own seed Anna Lisa

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Poochella(7 WA)

Here's one article. Plantlady has pictures at her website too, I believe, that show the whole seedling shebang in action! I'm still so green with envy over those 60+ acres Plantlady. Unless you tell me I'm the one who has to weed them all- or dig all the dahlias!

I'll let Plantlady post a link to her seedling page if desired. It's worth it just to see those photos! Meanwhile, below is a link to an article...

Here is a link that might be useful: One way to collect seeds from dahlias

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

Here's our site. Look in the Seedlings album. The seed picking pictures are towards the back of the album.
If you want to hand pollinate AA dahlias you can give them a bit of a "haircut" - trim their petals to about a BB sized dahlia so the pollen gets where you need it. Be aware that even if you only use AA moms & dads for seed parents, you will still get a lot of smaller babies. We only have AA & A sized dahlias in our gardens but still get some smaller blooms. If you let the birds & bees do the pollinating & you have open centered or small dahlias around you will get a lot of open centered & small dahlias.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wynne's Seedling Album

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I'm new to this seeds collecting and having a ball. Are there pictures of what the dahlia seeds look like?

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

There are pictures of seeds in our seedling album at the site in the above plantlady2 post.

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