6'' dahlias, what are they?

archoo16(5b, MO)April 7, 2013

Hi, I saw some 6'' potted dahlias at my local farmer's market with gorgeous blooms on them. They did not have any tags and I am curious which kind they could be. I did not purchase them because I dont have any more space to spare. But I will start them next year If I knew what kind they were.

They were at 6'' height and had one or two blooms each with lots of unopened buds. Each flower was about 5'' across .

Most dwarf varieties that I looked up online say they grow to 12''. Was this just another dwarf variety that had not reached its full height yet and started blooming already?

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Some nurseries use chemicals the make plants grow shorter and bloom earlier. This is done because plants in bloom sell much better than plants not in bloom. The chemicals do wear off and the plant will eventually grow to it's normal height.

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At my nursery 6" dahlias could refer to dahlias in a 6" pot. Just a thought.

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