I think I jumped the gun

bizzylizzy208April 29, 2008

I am only in my second year of trying to grow dahlias. I did salvage a lot of my tubers plus purchasing a few more. We had such warm weather for a few weeks that I jumped the gun and planted them. They have not sprouted yet but cold (30's) weather is predicted tonight. What can I do to insure my dahlias will survive? After it warms up today, should I cover them with newspaper or plastic or maybe lay my heating pads out over the area. Any advise will help. Thanks

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I almost did the same thing. If you planted them 4 to 6 inches deep, they should be all right unless it remains in the 30 degree temp for a few days. Nothing I can think of you doing. I am sure they will be all right. I do have a few in and am more worried about the rain.

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